Betsy Tobin

A story of perseverance and enchantment.


In Search Of Giants is the story of a child’s quest for legendary heroes. Aided by his magical guide, Miranda, Ian passes through a series of encounters with various creatures, never straying from his goal. He meets fish, sea gods, the guardian of the spring, the demon dragon, insects building bridges, wizards concocting cities and dreams… The child meets each challenge; each meeting provides a clue; each clue leads him closer to his goal.
Characters appear throughout a beautiful patchwork decor created by Mireille Martini. The set evokes the sea, the shore, mountain peaks, a river, the spring, and a volcano. The adventures of Ian and Miranda are accompanied by Michael Stanwood’s inventive music using a wide variety of instruments. 


MINIMUM STAGE AREA: 27 feet wide by 20 feet deep.

Funded by Atelier de l’Arcouest, the Now Or Never Theatre, and the Boulder Arts Commission, a division of the Boulder City Council.

Three Precious Pearls 
a Chinese folktale adapted and performed with puppets and masks 
by Betsy Tobin of the Now Or Never Theatre

The storyteller evokes a time of old, a stone mason hindered in his work by the weather. With masks and movements the storyteller embodies the different elements. In order to learn the craft, a child must prove his worthiness by surmounting numerous obstacles in his search for three precious pearls. The child encounters magical creatures to the sound of Tibetan flutes and the haunting melody of the forest of wisdom. Three Precious Pearls is a poignant story that resonates like a bell. (20 minutes)


a participatory theatre performance with Betsy Tobin

For lack of roots, the young princess Coliatha, can neither stand nor walk on her own. When she is blown away from the castle in a high wind, the king sends out his royal guards to accompany her on a journey in search of roots. She meets the sun, wind, the trees, monsters, and a wacky witch who casts strange spells upon her. Through her adventures she grows roots and learns to stand on her own two feet. (30 minutes)

Three Precious Pearls & COLIATHA AND THE ROOTS THAT BIND can be performed back to back or separately. FOR OUTDOOR PERFORMANCES, please provide: a CD player, 1 wireless microphone, 2 stand-up microphones with amplification, and 2 sand bags.

MINIMUM STAGE AREA: 10 feet deep X 15 feet wide

Puppets of the Old Man and Shi Wa from Three Precious Pearls