Betsy Tobin

Betsy Tobin and the Now Or Never Theatre’s innovative productions combine Acting, Storytelling, Video, Shadows, Puppets, and Masks.

The shows have traveled from Sweden to Spain, from the Atlantic to the Pacific to win awards and receive critical acclaim.

Betsy Tobin teaches scriptwriting, acting, shadow theatre, puppetry, and masks in universities, art studios, museums, and schools.

Betsy also designs and directs other productions.

Contact: Betsy Tobin 
Now Or Never Theatre
Tel: 303 545 9272


Now Or Never Theatre presents the premiere performances of


a cross-disciplinary performance that explores relationship patterns

Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder

June 7 at 8 PM

June 8 at 8 PM

June 9th at 2 PM

Tickets: $14/18

Box office: 303 444 7328

Directed by Betsy Tobin

with Shoshana Bass, Casey Beauchamp, Margarita Blush, Peter Davison, T'ai Hartley & Lucia Rich   

   Music by Jesse Manno

The show focuses on the evolving world of relationships in poignant stories amd sequences that delve into the intricacies of human interaction. Strong visual metaphors represent the challenges people face as they strive for connection.

This delightful performance with stunning visuals unites an outstanding ensemble of actors, dancers, puppeteers, and circus artists.


The Canyon Project:
Shadows and Journeys


SHADOWS and JOURNEYS is a site-specific performance adapted to a variety of settings, using canyon walls whenever possible as the projection surface.The summer 2008 tour through canyon country in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado included the South Rim of the Grand Canyon where the show was originally conceived. The summer 2009 tour included the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Cortez Cultural Center, the Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Eldorado Springs National Park.



In SHADOWS and JOURNEYS, the performers invite audiences to join them beneath the stars in the ancient ritual of theatre as they interface with the elements in a natural setting. Gripping acting scenes alternate and combine with ephemeral shadow and video sequences to portray stories inspired by the history and mythology of Colorado and the Southwest. The show integrates acting, drumming, dance, puppetry, masks, shadow theatre, and video sequences to create stunning dramatic and visual effects.

Directed by Betsy Tobin
With Margarita Blush, Bobby Dartt, Michael Gunst, Aaron Sanford (drummer), and Betsy Tobin.

As nomads arrive at dusk to camp for the night, their survival stories intermingle with myths and memories from the past. The actors conjure scenes based on myths, legends, and historical events such as buffalo stampedes, mining tales, the gold rush, outlaws in the wild west, and other tales of how the land changed hands.



SHADOWS and JOURNEYS was funded in part by the Jim Henson Foundation, the Colorado Council on the Arts, a State Agency, The National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal Agency, the Puffin Foundation, the Boulder County Arts Alliance/Neodata Endowment, and Addison mini-grant and the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council.

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